The Pixies – Best Of Pixies : Wave Of Mutilation

This, the latest collection of tracks from the ever brilliant Pixies, contains songs that span their back catalogue. There are songs, as fresh as ever, taken from ‘Come On Pilgrim’ to ‘Trompe de Monde’ and even tracks from ‘The Complete B-Sides’.

All the hits are here, representing all the Pixies style from the chaotic to the sublime. The more familiar hits like ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ sit happily beside the lesser known tracks like ‘Into The White’.

The Pixies sound has always been highly distinctive. They created walls of noise separated by unsettling calm, they had an attitude that couldn’t be more punk, guitars that couldn’t be more rock’n’roll, basslines to die for, irresistibly catchy screaming choruses, and much more. They were never afraid to throw conventions to the wind. They played free and loose with tempo, language, and did it with such great ability. The Pixies were true innovators, in every way.

I use the past tense, as if they are all dead; this is far from true, as evidenced by the masses of press around their current tour and their work with their other bands since the Pixies originally called it a day. Now I know it may never happen, but it would be a fantastic day that the Pixies got back together properly and recorded a new album.

Label : 4AD

Release Date : 03 May 2004

Website :


  • Bone Machine (3:03)
  • Nimrod’s Son (2:16)
  • The Holiday Song (2:15)
  • Caribou (3:14)
  • Broken Face (1:29)
  • Gigantic (3:13)
  • Vamos (4:18)
  • Hey (3:28)
  • Monkey Gone To Heaven (2:55)
  • Debaser (2:51)
  • Gouge Away (2:42)
  • Wave Of Mutilation (2:04)
  • Here Comes Your Man (3:21)
  • Tame (1:56)
  • Where Is My Mind? (3:49)
  • Into The White (4:40)
  • Velouria (3:40)
  • Allison (1:17)
  • Dig For Fire (3:02)
  • U-Mass (3:00)
  • Alec Eiffel (2:47)
  • Planet Of Sound (2:06)
  • Winterlong (3:08)

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