The Paddingtons – 50 To A £ (CD Review)

Hull based indie rockers The Paddingtons are a vibrant and have enough pop sensibility to be catchy without being corny. Having previously, and erroneously, been lumped in with those slightly-too-whiney introspective Londoners The Libertines this should be their chance to truly make a name for themselves. The jangle of guitars and the eminently sing-a-long chorus will have you thrashing around in your nearest club that is cool enough to play them.

Buy 50 To A £ from

Buy 50 To A £ from

The Paddingtons are on tour now, you can catch them here:

    22 – LONDON, Diesel U Music @ Canvas
    23 – Brighton, Racecourse

    26 – READING Festival
    27 – LEEDS Festival

There are also dates available in October here (

Label : Poptones

Release Date : 11 July 2005

Website #1:

Website #2:

Website #3:

The Paddingtons are – Tom Atkin. Guitar – Martin Hines. Guitar – Josh Hubbard. Bass – Lloyd Dobbs. Drums – Grant Dobbs

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