The Paddingtons – First Comes First (CD Review)

The Paddingtons, hot on the heels of some great singles, are releasing their debut album. It brims over with angsty guitars that drive the pacey rock tracks. The passion and verve is not limited to the singles, like ‘Sorry’ or ’50 To A £’ either, there’s more quality tracks here than on many a indie-rock hopefuls first outing.

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The sheer energy of tracks like ’21’ or ‘Stop Breathing’ is amazing as they launch full force into a mighty storm of guitar screams and wails. Particularly interesting is the ska leanings on ‘Alright In The Morning’ that give a brighter tone to the number without deviating from the albums overall feel. The Paddingtons have a flair for making what can sadly be a rather overworn area of music exciting again.

Label : Poptones

Release Date : 31 October 2005

Website :


  • Some Old Girl
  • First Comes First
  • 50 To A £
  • Worse For Wear
  • Laser
  • Panic Attack
  • Tommy’s Disease
  • Stop Breathing
  • Alright In The Morning
  • 21
  • Sorry

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