The Others – Stan Bowles (CD Review)

First off, if you are like me and wondering who the hell Stan is then (from the press release) “Stan Bowles was a maverick footballer for QPR in the 70’s, with loads of skill and talent, and a passion for blowing his wages down his local. Despite playing for England, he was always in touch with his fans”. Right, that’s cleared that up then. On to the song…


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The Others are a punk spirited rock band that has a knack for cracklingly good tunes and screaming vocals that have nearly as much twang as the guitars. The track seems all to brief as it rapidly develops from rumbling guitars into broken screams and angular axe work.

The DVD also includes ‘The Guerrilla Guide To Gigging’ a truly underground movie concerning, as it does, gigs on the tube. Get the DVD here.

Label : Poptones

Release Date : 25 October 2004

Website :


  • Stan Bowles
  • Boy Is A Girl
  • This Is For The Poor (Original Demo)

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