The Open – The Silent Hours

The Open are refreshingly good. Their sound is expansive and emotional rock that grabs you straight away and refuses to let you go. The songs are introspective but honest, and free of whinging. These songs are not hurried; the pace accelerates steadily and surely to mighty crescendos.

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The excellence of the previous singles ‘Close My Eyes’ and ‘Just Want To Live’ is matched easily by the other tracks. There are no ‘fillers’ here, just rock music that soars. It is too hard to pick out any one or two tracks for special honours, the standard is too high. This is sure to be one of the albums of 2004.

Label : Polydor

Release Date : 05 July 2004

Website :


  • Close My Eyes
  • Bring Me Down
  • Lost
  • Forgetten
  • Daybreak
  • Just Want To Live
  • Step Into The Light
  • Coming Down
  • Can you Hear?
  • Elevation

The Open are Steve Bayley (vocals/guitar), Jim Reynolds (bass), Jon Winter (guitar), Scott Holland (drums) and Alan Dutton (keyboards).

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