The Open – La Lumiere EP

The Open return with a new EP, kicking off with We Can Never Say Goodbye, a track from their recently released album, Statues. It’s an upbeat indie rock number which, while the band are clearly giving it their all, leaves me completely cold. I really want to react too, but no matter how many times I listen to it it stirs no feeling within me at all.

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  • Following on from this is a very dull instrumental, The Box (not an Orbital cover, before you ask) before I Call You, which finally gets my blood pumping – or at least my foot tapping – with a frantic progression to the end of the song and some cool ideas on the way. Finally comes The Mirror, another instrumental, this time very sinister and atmospheric and perfect for a horror movie soundtrack.

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    Label: Polydor/Loog
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. We Can Never Say Goodbye
    2. The Box
    3. I Call You
    4. The Mirror
    5. We Can Never Say Goodbye

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