The Open – Just Want To Live

Prior to the release of their debut album (‘The Silent Hours’, due on the 5th July) The Open have treated us to another single and 4 new tracks (‘Colours’ is available on CD2 (along with a live version of #Just Want To Live and the 12″). ‘Just Want To Live’ follows on from the excellent ‘Close My Eyes’ (March 2003).


The Open have an expansive and distant sound that may be the influence of producer Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins). ‘Just Want To Live’ is a vocally a pleading cry and musically a gentle but impassioned trip. Taking this up a notch or two in tempo is ‘Out Of The Box’ which has a striking extended drum intro before busting with guitars. The Open’s really quiet sound is given full expression in ‘Without’. Their full sound is engaging, rich and not to be missed.

Label : Loog

Release Date : 21 June 2004

Website :


  • Just Want To Live
  • Out Of The Box
  • Without
  • Just Want To Live (Video)

The Open are Steven Bayley, Jim Reynolds, Jon Winter, Scott Holland and Alan Dutton.

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