The Open – Close My Eyes

The Open hail from Walsall and Birkenhead, the common factor being that they all went to Art College in Liverpool before realising that forming a band was their real calling. They have recently completed recording an album to be released this summer. If ‘Close My Eyes’ is anything to go by then the album will be an essential part of your summer.

‘Close My Eyes’ starts abruptly with an infectious energy, a comfortable ease and fantastic soaring vocals. The Open have been likened to early Stone Roses in the press (NME), but they also display a classic ‘sound of the suburbs’ vibe and a touch of the new psychedelia (The Rain Band, The Music). In ‘Shadows On The Wall’ there are flavours of My Bloody Valentine mixed in with touchingly cathartic cries to form a wonderfully gripping track. Finally, ‘Brown Paper Bag’ gives us yet another side of The Open. This last track is softly understated, little more than plucked guitars and atmospheric accompaniment circling around Stephen Bayley seemingly screaming into the wind. The Open appear to adopt styles as they please, twisting them to their desire and making them their own. Having heard a couple more of their tracks I can confirm that they are worth all their current praise and more. You must buy this single.

Label : Loog (Polydor)

Release Date : 1 March 2003

Website :


  • Close My Eyes
  • Shadows On The Wall
  • Brown Paper Bag

The Open are Steven Bayley (Vocals/Guitar), Jim Reynolds (Bass), Jon Winter (Guitar), Scott Holland (Drums) and Alan Dutton (Keyboards).

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