The Morning After Girls – Hi Skies (CD Review)

Australia’s Morning After Girls can be upfront and brilliantly noisy, as in ‘Hi Skies’, or make undulating and chilled out as in ‘Tomorrow’s Time’. They are equally at home at both and are sounding like they have been Melbourne’s best kept secret for some time now.

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‘Hi Skies’ begins with a angered but reserved guitar and launches into a blues rock cum punk like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club having a screaming contest. The energy is electric and the solid chords coming crashing down are infectious – there is noting in any way wrong with this single, buy it.

The Morning After Girls’ album Evolve is available on import and will be well worth a listen.

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Release Date : 13 March 2006

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  • Hi Skies
  • Always Mine
  • Tomorrow’s Time

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