The Mile High Young Team – Four Separations (CD Review)

The Mile High Young Team, a band that grew from a side project of an band called Bridge and subsequently incorporating members of The Evenings, Number Nine and Japonica, have managed to create an incredibly together and well formed sound for their debut release. Theirs is a blurring around the edges of pop, folk, rock, prog and good simple song writing that echoes no particular bands style.

Vocalist Emily Davis has a purity of voice that reminds me of Julianne Regan (All About Eve) while the other lead vocals from Colin MacKinnon have an added urgency and intensity that creates an engaging contrast. This all sits atop a balance of delicacy and power provided by traditional rock kit and more classical instruments.

‘Four Separations’ may well be the beginnings of a great band, get on board now. The EP is available online at iTunes (link below) and in physical form in Oxford at Polar Bear Records.

Label : Boreads Music

Release Date : Out Now, available on iTunes

Website :


  • Distance Between Them
  • Letter From Rosanna
  • Keep It Together
  • The Bering Straits

The Mile High Young Team are Emily Davis (Vocals), Colin MacKinnon (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), Andy Braithwaite -(Bass), Adrian Breakspear (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Mark Wilden (Drums), Caroline Taylor (Cello) and Bruno Muellbauer (Keyboards).

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