The Mau-Maus – Ataraxia EP (CD Review)

The Mau-Maus are newly signed to Boobytrap (co-run by Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1) on the back of their passionate following built up from their London gigs. The group is centred on the vocalist Peter De Havilland who delivers his silky soul vocals in close harmony with his backing singers.

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The Ataraxia EP blurs the edges of hip-hop, R&B, and chart pop into a collection of pleasant enough songs. They are not punchy and hard hitting, but more gentle and melodious in tone. Fans of Amp Fiddler and other modern chart soul will love this. The best track on this EP is left until last, ‘Ante-Up’ benefits from a sparse backing and a punchier chorus than its predecessors.

Label : Boobytrap Records

Release Date : 23 May 2005

Website :


  • Ataraxia
  • Souvenir Of A Dream
  • Royal Ghetto
  • Ante-Up

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