The Lucky Nine – The Lucky Nine EP

The number of UK rock and metal supergroups is getting silly now. Soon they’ll out-number the bands that provide their members. This one, however, doesn’t feature Karl Middleton on vocals (though it does feature one ex-member of earthtone9). The famed members of this group are Dan P. Carter (A) on guitar, Colin Doran (Hundred Reasons) on vocals and Richie Mills (Cable, Sunna, earthtone9) on drums.

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This is the group’s debut EP and it sets a high benchmark for their future work. If Hundred Reasons’ second album had sounded like this they’d still be on top of the UK rock scene now. They manage to be intense, both musically and emotionally, with dynamics that flit between anthemic and balls-out heavy.

A great debut from and excellent new band.

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Label: Mighty Atom
Release date: 7th March 2005


  1. Hibernate
  2. Jornada
  3. We, The Possessed
  4. Three Killers
  5. The Programmed
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