The Long Blondes – Giddy Stratospheres

The manifesto on The Long Blondes website makes a point of concentrating more on the bands that have not influenced them than those that have. They will commit themselves to having heard and seen Sparks, David Bowie (well, one song) and Roxy Music. What this caginess has produced on the bands second single is some Sleeper-esque indie guitar-pop.

Giddy Stratospheres is a stomping with its head in the clouds of the seventies and several vocal lines that are fantastic. Following are Polly, which sounds like an interlude in Happy Days and Darts, which is about¦ darts!

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Label: Angular Recordings Corporations
Release date: 29th November 2004Tracklist:

  1. Giddy Stratospheres
  2. Polly
  3. Darts
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