The Like – Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? (CD Review)

The Like are following on from a couple of ace singles (‘What I Say And What I Mean’ and ‘June Gloom’) with their debut album. The three piece create songs that are a blend of old fashioned indie, singer songwriter vocals, pop and rock. The unbelievably catchy opener ‘June Gloom’ launches you into a torrent of great songs like the tense angular guitars of ‘Under The Paving Stones’ and the gentle simplicity of ‘We Are Lost’, amongst many others.

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Z’s sultry and country-tinged vocals are a brilliant focus for many of the songs, she is more than able to carry the emotion and scream the house down if need be. The Like, for me, are at their best when they rock out, as in ‘What I Say And What I Mean’ and ‘Under The Paving Stones’.

This album is a wholly fun experience and should be required listening.

Label : Polydor

Release Date : 13 March 2006

Website :


  • June Gloom
  • What I Say And What I Mean
  • You Bring Me Down
  • So I’ll Sit Here Waiting
  • Bridge To Nowhere
  • Once Things Look Up
  • Under The Paving Stones
  • Too Late
  • We Are Lost
  • One
  • Mrs Actually
  • Falling Away
  • Waves That Never Break
  • One Step Ahead

The Like are Z. Berg (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Froom (bass) and Tennessee Thomas (drums).

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