The Levellers – Truth & Lies

I don’t think it would be unfair of me to say that before I listened to Truth & Lies I was expecting more of that same old Levellers sound. Well, you know, that what they do, isn’t it? They’re happy to just keep plugging away like they always have since they formed in 1998. They’re just one of those bands. I certainly wasn’t expecting to put the CD and have the opening track, Last Man Alive to blow my head off.

This is not the same old Levellers. There are definitely elements of their former selves throughout that album, particularly on Confess but mostly these hints come within songs that otherwise sound nothing like you’d expect.

The aforementioned Last Man Alive is a ferocious rock tracks with elements of U2, an awesome sounding violin played through a delay pedal and the most uplifting chorus this side of The Killers. Make You Happy and Steel Knife are acoustic-based pop songs, while Who’s The Daddy’s verse sounds like the calm before the storm in a metal song, only to merge into Coldplay and then The Beatles in the chorus and the album’s final track, Sleeping could almost have been written by Massive Attack in parts.

I like surprises and this album has certainly surprised me. Don’t think about writing this band off just yet.

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    Label: Eagle Records
    Release date: 25th July 2005


    1. Last Man Alive
    2. Make You Happy
    3. Confess
    4. For Us All
    5. Knot Around The World
    6. Steel Knife
    7. Wheels
    8. Said And Done
    9. Who’s The Daddy
    10. The Damned
    11. Sleeping

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