The Legends – Up Against The Legends

Just a week after forming in January 2003, The Legends found themselves supporting The Radio Dept. in Stockholm. It was here they realised they were lacking two things: songs and members. Being proactive types they spent the next two weeks rectifying these flaws. A and a half later they have managed both in abundance, now totalling nine members and a collection of fantastic songs.

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The band refuse to tie themselves to a single genre but will admit to influences from Television Personalities, Comet Gain, Motown and C-86. The result is a sound that includes elements of Mew, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Dandy Warhols and The Doors and would be classed by all but a very picky few as retro.

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Label: Labrador
Release date: 12th July 2004


  • Call It Ours
  • There And Back Again
  • Your Song
  • Right On
  • Nothing To Be Done
  • Everything You Say
  • Trouble Loves Me
  • When The Day Is Done
  • Breaking Time, Breaking Lines
  • Make It All Right
  • The Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
  • No Way Out
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