The Knife – Silent Shout (CD Review)

Sometimes there are albums so unexpectedly good that they floor you. I am classing ‘Silent Shout’ as one of those. Imagine the rich audio tapestry of Sigur Rós combined with floor filling beats obfuscated vocals and yet having a electro-pop catchiness; you can’t can you, and that is what makes this album so great. It flies about with wilful disregard for convention and manages never to move out of the bounds of good music.

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The Knife make excellent use of layers of synth and have an effortless cool about their sound – a sound which is very now and yet pulling on so much from previous works by a hugely diverse set of artists. The pair of them are gathering mountains of well earned praise wherever they are heard, you next get your chance at The Scala on 10 April.

The single ‘Marble House’ is due May 1st.

Label : Brille

Release Date : 27 March 2006

Website :

Website :


  • Silent Shout [4:53]
  • Neverland [3:38]
  • The Captain [6:08]
  • We Share Our Mothers’ Health [4:11]
  • No No No [2:27]
  • Marble House [5:18]
  • Like a Pen [6:13]
  • From Off to On [3:58]
  • Forest Families [4:08]
  • One Hit [4:27]
  • Still Light [3:15]

The Knife are Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson.

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