The Knife – Silent Shout (Brille Records)

This is exactly the sort of thing Bjork should be up to these days, instead of all the self-indulgent fartery of her last album. Whereas The Knife’s previous album ‘Deep Cuts’ was slightly in hoc to 80s electro-pop, this takes its lead from 90s techno, ambient and electronica. Direct, futuristic and minimal, it’s a thing of chic, sleek beauty indeed, albeit with glistening white teeth sharp enough to rip you apart. You already know the Kraftwerkian robo-pop of the single…it’s a good taster for the album, but by no means the best thing on it. ‘Marble House’ could be Plaid or Aphex at their otherworldly best, except it’s given a flamboyant pop sheen by the vocals of Karin Dreijer (sounding far more affecting than normal here) and a genius whistling coda to boot. ‘The Captain’ is built on some beautifully evocative synth stabs… kind of Detroit techno given a Euro facelift, whilst ‘We Share Our Mothers’ Health’ is just utterly mental, frankly, but
The Knife do electro barminess so well, it simply becomes something to behold and cherish. ‘Silent Shout’ may yet be trumped by the Pet Shop Boys in terms of synth-pop album of the year, but this is still bewilderingly good. I’d go so far as awesome, in fact. MS (CMU)

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Release date: 27 Mar

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