The Kills – Love Is A Deserter (CD Review)

The Kills have released one of the great albums of the year in ‘No Wow’. It has an earthy simplicity and a feral wildness that is immediately effective, the sleazy feel, the brightness of the drum machine battling against the rawness of the guitars and the vocals that purr and scream in equal measure.

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‘Love Is A Deserter’ is an excellent example of this. The Kills wanted a sound that was ‘the low end of Giorgio Moroder’ but what they have is something so much dirtier than Moroder ever thought of. The punk rock guitars and dance beats are an unbeatable combination. Alison and Jamie defiantly cry the chorus and it is hard not to sing along with them. The track will be familiar to those who have seen The Kills live as it has been driving audiences into a frenzy whenever it has been played.


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Label : Domino

Release Date : 30 May 2005

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  • Love Is A Deserter
  • Love Is A Deserter (Phones Remix)

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