The Juan Maclean – Less Than Human (CD Review)

After a career that had him burning out and quitting the music industry completely to become an English teacher at a young offenders institute; only to be enticed back into the fold by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy – you might be wondering what to expect from The Juan Maclean. What you get with ‘Less Than Human’ is intelligent dance music that is not afraid to refer itself back to the simple beginnings of electronica and meanderings into other genre all wrapped up in a style that is almost an electro-lounge. The BPMs are often at the slow end of danceable and the meditative mood that envelopes some tracks can make this excellent for wallowing in.

Buy Less Than Human from

Buy Less Than Human from

There are no shortage of choices that could make for excellent singles to follow the recent ‘Tito’s Way’. ‘Crush The Liberation’ has a pinch of Art Of Noise and Yello updated and made even funkier. The upbeat and mysterious ‘Shining Skinned Friend’ (described as ‘A love triangle between a man, a woman and the man’s gay robot friend’) is brilliant, it has throbbing bass, energising drums and eccentric effects blurred together with house and a touch of Kraftwerk. Quite simply, if you don’t like this album then you are wrong.

Label : EMI/DFA

Release Date : 04 July 2005

Website :


  • ad2003
  • Shining Skinned Friend
  • Give Me Every Little Thing
  • Tito’s Way
  • Love Is In The Air
  • In The Afternoon
  • My Time Is Running Out
  • Crush The Liberation
  • Dance With Me

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