The House Of Love – Days Run Away (CD Review)

‘Days Run Away’ is a collection of songs that bear little resemblance with the indie House of Love of old or the very pop laced tracks of the later albums and singles. This album has a maturity which is to be expected, the new sound is jaunty but measured. There is nothing in the way of earth shattering sounds or music that blows its ways through barriers of genre or taste. What there are, are some very pleasant songs with an occasional country rock twist.

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If you were expecting ‘Destroy The Heart’ or ‘Christine’ then you’ll be massively disappointed. If, however, you quite liked ‘The Beatles And The Stones’ and ‘Shine On’ then this could be the album you’ve been waiting for.

Label : Art and Industry

Release Date : 28 February 2005

Website :


  • Love You Too Much
  • Gotta Be That Way
  • Maybe You Know
  • Kinda Love
  • Money And Time
  • Days Run Away
  • Already Gone
  • Wheels
  • Kit Carter
  • Anyday I Want

The House of Love are Guy Chadwick (vocals, guitar), Terry Bickers (guitar, vocals), Pete Evans (drums), Matt Jury (bass).

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