The Hot Puppies – Green Eyeliner (CD Review)

It’s not just the come-hither motion in Becky Newman’s lyrics that give The Hot Puppies a healthy dose of sex appeal, her voice clinches the deal completely. Backed up with the guitar pop provided by her counterparts, Beth Gibson (keyboards), Luke Taylor (guitar), Ben Faircloth (bass) and Rupert Wood (drums) make this band impossible to ignore.

The quality id high throughout but the highlight of this single is its final track, All We Have To Do Is Kiss. A slow-building and dynamic tune, it shows off exactly why The Hot Puppies should be stars.

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Label: Purr
Release date: 27th September 2004


  1. Green Eyeliner
  2. A Small Killing (On This Day)
  3. All We’ve Got To Do Is Kiss

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