The Hidden Cameras – Mississauga Goddam

Last year Joel Gibb and the other ‘cameras’ released a brilliant and innovative album, ‘The Smell Of Our Own’. It was explicit, touching and masterful in execution. It is good to see that standards have not been allowed to fall. From the opening bars of the folksy cocktail lounge ‘Doot Doot Plot’ this album oozes catchy charm. This contrasts with the intimacy of tracks like ‘Builds the Bone’ and ‘That’s When The Ceremony Starts’. There are tumultuous songs like ‘The Fear Is On’ and ‘I believe In The Good Of Life’.

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The intensity of ‘Music Is My Boyfriend’ and ‘We Oh We’ needs to be heard to be believed. Closing the album is ‘Mississauga Goddam’, a delicate song that is symphonic in scale and heartfelt in tone. I can honestly say that each of the songs on ‘Mississauga Goddam’ is a gem. This album is simply wonderful.

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 12 July 2004

Website :


  • Doot Doot Plot
  • Builds The Bone
  • Fear Is On
  • That’s When The Ceremony Starts
  • I Believe In The Good Of Life
  • In The Union Of Wine
  • Music Is My Boyfriend
  • B Boy
  • We Oh We
  • I Want Another Enema
  • Mississauga Goddam

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