The Gossip – Standing In the Way of Control (Kill Rock Stars)

There are plenty of art punk bands around but what sets The Gossip apart
from the rest of the pack are the powerful lungs of vocalist Beth Ditto,
whose bluesy vocals couldn’t be more different from the yelps and yodels of
most of her contemporaries. The band have garnered much critical approval
for their previous two albums and some have speculated that the band would
have achieved greater success if their singer was a whippet thin fashionista
like Karen O.

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Since their last album ‘Movement’ the duo of Ditto and
guitarist Brace Paine have been joined by drummer Hannah Blilie who
certainly makes her presence felt on this record, with some blistering
percussion. The American band are clearly inspired and influenced by riot
grrrl and post riot grrrl feminist bands like Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre
but are less obviously political. Stand out tracks include the title track,
a wonderful collision of skanky rhythms and hammering percussion; while the
strong riffs on ‘Eyes Open’ and the bluesy, sultry ‘Coal To Diamonds’ also
impress. “I don’t want the world, I just want what I deserve,” sings Ditto
on ‘Yr Mangled Heart’. The Gossip certainly deserve attention and success,
if not the world. It’s Girl Power for the text message generation.


Release date: 6 Feb

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