The Go! Team @ Carling Academy 2 (Live Review)

The Go! Team,
Carling Academy 2 , Birmingham

Sunday May 8th 2005

The Go! Team’s sound is a hard one to pin down, loitering somewhere in the ether between The Avalanches and Northern Soul, but in the end sounding like the best bits of a 1970s TV theme. Most of their remarkable debut album, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’, is on display tonight and they are songs you just have to move to. Choosing a stand-out track isn’t easy, and you can take your pick from ‘Ladyflash’, ‘The Power Is On!’ or ‘Get It Together’ and wouldn’t be far wrong.

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They perform live with an energy that can only really be created by a pair of drummers- so they have two drummers; no-one said this was rocket science. But nowhere is the energy more infectious than that emanating from front-lady Ninja, who doesn’t stop moving and you can’t keep your eyes from. In fact, has there been a band since the Flaming Lips who were more genuine in their wish for you to have a good time?

See them at Glastonbury, see them on Jools Holland- just see them.

Cheers again to Marknlard for another great review!

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