The Ga Ga’s – Tonight The Midway Shines (CD Review)

Kicking straight off with recent single Sex, Tonight The Midway Shines is not only a great debut but a fantastic rock album full stop. Each song is anthemic, with enormous guitars, colossal drums and vocals that hit you right between the eyes.


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Obviously influenced by the hard rock of the 80’s and early 90’s, The Ga Ga’s manage to touch on the clichés of those bands without heading too far into a dangerous territory and making a joke of themselves. What’s left after this filtering is a tirade of riffs that will have the coolest person furiously playing air guitar and looking for a black t-shirt to rip the sleeves off.

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Label: Sanctuary
Release date: 7th February 2005


  1. Sex
  2. Left Of Centre
  3. Replica
  4. K.O.
  5. Crash And Burn
  6. Swallow Me
  7. Pressure
  8. Jessica
  9. Air
  10. Breaking America
  11. Severed
  12. The Real World

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