The Fiery Furnaces – Blueberry Boat

Following on from the great critical success of 2003’s ‘Gallowsbird’s Bark’ The Fiery Furnaces are back with ‘Blueberry Boat’. The eclectic spirit and sudden tempo/tone/tune changes that typified the first album continue here as does the gripping and intense vocals from both Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger.


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Blueberry boat demands attention, it isn’t a jolly musical wallpaper. The otherworldly feel that is constantly evoked by ‘Blueberry Boat’, and the penetrating soulfulness that persists alongside, are more than worthy of proper listening and a degree of concentration.

The songs themselves can move easily from ethereal to madness and back again to great effect. This has to be contender for album of the year for its sheer breadth and spirit.

Label : Rough Trade Records

Release Date : 06 September 2004

Website :


  • Quay Cur
  • Straight Street
  • Blueberry Boat
  • Chris Michaels
  • Paw Paw Tree
  • I Lost My Dog
  • Mason City
  • Inspector Blancheflower
  • Spaniolated
  • 1917
  • Bird Brain
  • Catamaran Man

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