The Features – There’s A Million Ways To Sing The Blues

High on the success of their single ‘The Way It’s Meant To Be’ and it’s aptly titled predecessor ‘The Beginning EP’, The Features are setting out their stall to wow us all with ‘There’s A Million Ways To Sing The Blues’.

The title is a bit of a misnomer. This is not at all a blues record. The Features are instead an energetic guitar pop-rock outfit. They have taken heavy rock riffs and lightened them with sixties style keyboards and a jaunty vocal. The result is an immediately catchy tune that grows on you even more as you listen.

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Label : Temptation/Island

Release Date : 31 May 2004

Website :


  • There’s A Million Ways To Sing The Blues
  • See You Through
  • There’s A Million Ways To Sing The Blues (Video)

The Features are Matt Pelham (vocals/guitar), Roger Dabbs (bass), Parrish Yaw (keyboards) and Rollum Haas (drums).

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