The Far Cries – Stepping / The Edge (CD Review)

The Far Cries are playing their hearts out around the country building up a loyal following. If they can pull off live the sounds that are on this single then they are only going to get bigger. The brash guitars, jagged interludes, keen bass and crashing drums of ‘Stepping’ become a pleasant attack of noise led by some great vocals.

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‘The Edge’ sees The Far Cries delving well into pounding electro territory with verve and skill. The chorus hits repeatedly like a sledgehammer and the track spins around in your head for ages afterwards.

Label : Play It Again 7

Release Date : 27 February 2006

Website :


  • Stepping [2:04]
  • The Edge [2:33]
  • Cold Love [1:47]

The Far Cries are Martin Bjorck(vox/guitar) Liz Holdforth(synth/vox) and Iain Watkins (bass)

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