The Fallout Trust – In Case Of The Flood (CD Review)

The Fallout Trust’s adoption of musical styles and their ability to cram so much into their songs without making them cluttered or overly busy makes them a band to make a note to hear. ‘In Case Of The Flood’ has the traditional rock components of guitars, bass and drums; where they stop being run of the mill is the integration of the strings, keyboards, drum machines and more. The result is unexpected but compelling.

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Whether it is the Bowie-esque tomes of ‘Take Comfort From Me’ or the mashed up percussion and samples of ‘When we Are Gone’ the Fallout Trust seem just as at home. It is in keeping that they have recently toured with acts as diverse as Tom Vek, Clor, Leaves and Yourcodenameis:Milo – I bet they fitted in just fine with each one.

Label : At Large

Release Date : 27 February 2006

Website :

Website :


  • When We Are Gone [3:53]
  • Them Or It [3:19]
  • Before The Light Goes [4:10]
  • Where There’s No Cold To Feel [3:42]
  • TVM [4:45]
  • Cover Up The Man [3:57]
  • Washout [3:05]
  • One Generation Wall [3:29]
  • No Beacon [4:02]
  • Your Message [5:43]
  • Take Comfort From Me [4:40]

The Fallout Trust are Joe Winter (vocals), Jess Winter (Violin, Keyboards), Matt Winter (Guitars, Piano), Guy Connelly (Vocals, Guitars, Production), Gavin (vocals, Bass) and Matt Watson (Drums, Programming).

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