The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster – Mister Mental

‘Mister Mental’ sounds startlingly similar to the psychobilly sounds of the early 80’s. They have perfectly conjured up the sound of The Coffin Nails in fact, with a splash of the Damned at the pinnacle of their pop heights. If it didn’t have a reference to the war on terror I’d have been completely confused. For those of you unaware of psychobilly (and I suspect that is a most of you) conjure in your mind the image of gruff throated vocals singing a song with graveyard chic and plenty of thrashy guitars over a speeded up county refrain. Have you got that in mind? No you haven’t, you liar! Go and buy the single, listen to it and then you’ll understand…

Label : No Death Records/Island

Release Date : 12 January 2004

Website :

Tracklisting CD 1

  • Mister Mental
  • Flag Party

Tracklisting CD 2

  • Mister Mental
  • Morning Has Broken (Live)
  • 6:30
  • Mister Mental (Video)

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