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The Earlies present a delicate time warp of sounds. Their love of the sixties psychedelia is clear. In ‘These Were…’ there are chill out sounds rendered in a bewildering array of instruments that sooth and embrace. The origins of The Earlies may help explain their sound, as the band are split in origins between Texas and Manchester taking part of their sound from each. From Texas there are the quiet honest charms of and from the North of England there comes electronica. From both there is a love of the west coast sound, prog and the avant-garde.

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All of these influences are seamlessly pulled together into an easy, funky, chilled, country, jazz, choral, symphonic, rocking, experimental, dance mix that is hard to define (as you can see). There are countless bands that elements of this could be likened to; in tone they are the best of The Beta Band’s ‘Three EPs’, in spirit they could be The Polyphonic Spree, etcetera, etcetera…

What it is important to say is that they are simply brilliant and these echoes of other bands and artists are not plain and derivative but expertly reworked into new and exciting combinations.

Label : Names

Release Date : 19 July 2004

Website :


  • In The Beginning
  • One Of Us Is Dead
  • Wayward Song
  • Slow Man’s Dream
  • 25 Easy Pieces
  • Morning Wonder
  • The Devil’s Country
  • Song For #3
  • Lows
  • Bring It Back Again
  • Dead Birds

The Earlies are JM Lapham, Giles Hatton, Christian Madden and Brandon Carr.

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