The Earlies – Morning Wonder (CD Review)

The dreamy choral world of The Earlies is a wondrous thing. Their songs float along in a very organic way as the different elements come together. The elements range from fluttering synth sounds, to all things plucked and bowed or beaten and blown. It is the dream quality that distinguishes them; The Earlies manage to pull it off without making a monged out drear-fest. ‘Morning Wonder’ has a feel of a stretched funk song – like an Isaac Hayes number without Isaac himself.


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The Earlies share an eclectic spirit with bands like the Beta Band, Múm or Savath & Savalas and a uplifting spirit worthy of the Polyphonic Spree or the Beach Boys; all while being unmistakenly themselves.

Label : 679

Release Date : 25 October 2004

Website :


  • Morning Wonder
  • Kelly Brown
  • Natures Mistake
  • Morning Wonder (Video)

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