The Duke Sprit – Cuts Across The Land (CD Review)

Finally, after the teasing singles and a string of live shows and festival appearances, The Duke Spirit give us ‘Cuts Across The Land’. The tunes contained within owe a great deal to the blues rock artists of the past as well as the punk rock pioneers of more recent times. The guitars are thundering, the beats are simple and solid and the bass is fast and throbbing.

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The previous singles are, of course, here but they do not draw attention to themselves as the quality of the album is so high. There are many contenders for future singles like ‘Stubborn Stitches’ or the great ‘Fades The Sun’, both of which rock in a fast and furious fashion.

What makes The Duke Spirit stand out is Leila Moss whose voice is perfectly suited to the dirty rawness of their music. Her sultry melancholy drives and warps the songs and in so creates a sound that is undeniably sexy with a dark strength like a film noir heroine. Think a ballsy Mazzy Star without the lisping and mumbling.

Label : Loog

Release Date : 16 May 2005

Website :


  • Cuts Across The Land
  • Stubborn Stitches
  • Darling You’re Mean
  • Win Your Love
  • Hello To The Floor
  • Bottom Of The Sea
  • Fades The Sun
  • You Were Born Inside My Heart
  • Lion Rip
  • Lovetones
  • Love Is An Unfamiliar Name
  • Red Weather

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