The Departure – Dirty Words (CD Review)

In just over a year, things have moved pretty fast for Northampton based band The Departure; they formed, got signed, toured with the likes of The Killers, Placebo, Feeder and Hot Hot Heat, and now finally release their much awaited debut.

Dirty Words opens with the gorgeous Just Like TV, with it’s crashing guitars it’s a brilliant taste of what’s to come. The album also features all three of their previous singles All Mapped Out, Be My Enemy and the infectious Lump In My Throat, that you’re sure to be singing to yourself for hours. Newer songs, such as the addictive Arms Around Me prove just how fast this band has developed, with so much thought and feeling put in, it is clear that The Departure know what they are doing, and they have been spending time writing songs you’re sure to love.

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Singer David Jones’ edgy, punk voice and additional vocals from Lee Irons create real atmosphere, plus amazing guitar riffs, dramatic drums and funky bass lines make this band stand out from the crowd, and put them in a league above many of the current indie pop bands.

If you’ve ever seen them, you’ll know this band can pull off a live set, and their recorded effort certainly doesn’t disappoint and by the end of the final track, Dirty Words, you just want more.

Label : Parlophone

Release Date : June 13, 2005

Tracklisting :

  • Just Like TV
  • Talkshow
  • Only Human
  • All Mapped Out
  • Arms Around Me
  • Lump In My Throat
  • Don’t Come Any Closer
  • Changing Pilots
  • Be My Enemy
  • Time
  • Dirty Words
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