The Dawn And Drew Show! (Blogcast Review)

The King and Queen of indie podcasting, Drew Domkus and Dawn Miceli, give you cheeky chat, lewd diversions, slices of Wisconsin life and anything they feel like in their regular show. This show is definitely not for the very young or easily offended but is a charming and engaging show for the rest of us. There are plenty of good reasons that these pioneers of casting have tens of thousands of listeners worldwide and regularly top the charts from podcast directories; they fiercely defend their style and freedom to do whatever they feel like in the face of what is becoming a more corporatised medium day by day.

If you want to know what you’d be getting, and I highly recommend you check this out, then you can hear a special 100th show compilation here.

Night, Night, Tinkernet: Dawn And Drew
There are frequently produced shows which are 22kHz 64kbps and will take up around 13-17MB on your drive per show.

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