The Cribs – Mirror Kissers (CD Review)

Heavy bass and plenty of guitars chopping and squealing around the catchy vocals in this new single from The Cribs make for great listening. The bassline in this song reminds me a lot of ‘My Sharona’ and there is a curious interlude in a bastardised Kate Bush style halfway through that is strange but works well. ‘Mirror Kisses’ is all about shouting and dancing and not caring, go with the flow and join in. Be sure to check out what happens when animators go mental with highlighter pens in the video (link below).

Buy Mirror Kisses from

Buy Mirror Kisses from

The b-side is a cover of The Kaiser Chiefs ‘Modern Way’ that has been rendered fully in The Cribs style and survived it in rude health.

The Cribs debut album ‘The New Fellas’ will be out on 20th June.

Label : Wichita

Release Date : 13 June 2005

Website :

Video Links : All in Quicktime


  • Mirror Kisses
  • Modern Way

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