The Chicks on Speed / Kriedler Sessions

Out on Chicks on Speed Records now

This was a complete surprise. I bought it on the strength of an MP3 of Turn of the Century I picked up from That MP3 was three minutes of hard pumping frenzy; completely unlike all the tracks on this CD.

This is much more down tempo, using seemingly random words to tell stories by word association. If I had to liken it to anyone it would be Ladytron but less busy, more unstructured and (unsurprisingly) German.

Its a mesmeric combination of childlike voices, womanly voices and dub – swinging between being sexually suggestive and mundane asexuality. Ghostly and sparse.

Track four is, as you have probably guessed, a cover of Where The Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds featuring the ubiquitous Kylie. Done in the same style that has been used in preceding tracks. It is curiously familiar yet warped and corrupted.

The Documentary Film is, well, strange and pointless frankly. It begins with racks of vinyl streaming past and then becomes five people wandering about with us catching snatches of conversation. When they are not listening to Kylie and Nick and copying down the lyrics. I can’t see why they bothered. Disappointing really, compared to the music.

CD extras aside, this is an excellent EP.

  • Polar Love
  • Sliding Down Your Rib Cage
  • Frequent Flyer Lounge Song
  • Where The Wild Roses Grow
  • Documentary Film (CD Extra)

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