The Chicharones – Pork Rind Disco EP (CD Review)

If you were a hip-hop duo. hoping to take over theworld with your silky smooth lothario rapping and soul inspired tunes would your choice of name really be taken from a brand of deep fried pig skin? Well, the choice was made by Sleep and Josh Martinez and now The Chicharones are making a play for the world after their success in North America.

There is a languid ease to the rapping and a debt to be paid to Barry White, Marvin Gaye and Issac Hayes in the music (which is certainly no bad thing in my book). It is easy to get along with while avoiding banality and other flavours of mediocrity. It is hard to see this failing in the clubs or the charts and it is perfect for a sun bleached summer (if only we had one…)

Thier album, with further porcine based punning, is called ‘When Pigs Fly’ and is due out on 22nd August.

Label : Bella Union/V2

Release Date : 06 June 2005

Website :


    1. Pork Rind Disco
    2. Red Carpet Treatment
    3. Guys Like Me
    4. Can’t Find the Time
    5. Don’t Feed a Machine
    6. Pork Rind Disco inst.
    7. Red Carpet Treatment inst.
    8. Guys Like Me inst.
    9. Pork Rind Remix

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