the boy from space – Don’t Call Me Sir

In celebration of the recent Royal Wedding ‘the boy from space’ release their own tribute – ‘Don’t Call Me Sir’ their second single on Interstella. It’s a punky pop classic spiced up with 70s sitcom horns, car crashes in an anti class/monarchy stylee.

Backed with robot lament ‘In Possession’ featuring the vocals of Jo Cadman – one of the best new UK vocalists, and ‘Where People Are Going To Be’ (a future ‘boy from space’ single remixed by the time travelling remix team ‘The Idiots’.

Buy ‘Don’t Call Me Sir’ by ‘The Boy From Space’ online now on Interstella or visit ‘the World of the boy from space’ at Read the Vanity Project review below:

The Boy From Space – Don’t Call Me Sir (Interstella)
A bold drum motif, perky but polite brass, a sarcastic Half Man Half Biscuit cadence, car chase squalling and a chorus with ‘I Could Be So Good For You’ barra’ boy charm. Can’t go wrong. ‘In Possession’ is a more loopy ambient effort, while the Belle & Seb nursery hymnal ‘Where People Are Going To Be’ closes a distinct playful single. Skif

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