The Boxer Rebellion – All You Do Is Talk (Download Review)

There’s a ghostly wailing of guitars, gathering pace to an abruptly curtailed crescendo; hailing the latest offering from The Boxer Rebellion. Singer Nathan Nicholson cracks and strains with his emotive vocals, meanwhile the drums and bass drive the song forward. All of these elements combine to create a slice of emo that works alright but fails to create real fire and passion. Instead, just when the song could be taken the extra mile into frenzy and perhaps a satisfying conclusion, it stops. Dead. Like this review. Annoying isn’t it.

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The Boxer Rebellion’s debut album goes by the name ‘Exits’ and is due out May 2nd.

Check out the bands website for details of where to get this download only single.

Label : Poptones/Mercury

Release Date : 21 March 2005

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