The Best Of Babes In Toyland & Kat Bjelland

If you’re a fan of Babes In Toyland or have more recently discovered Katastrophy Wife and want to check out Kat Bjelland’s past then you couldn’t hope for a better compilation than this. This is not a cynical 12 track CD with one new track on to boost sales to fans, this is a complete archive in one small plastic box.


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The CD is split into two parts, the first covering Babes In Toyland’s considerable career and the second bringing in tracks from Kat Bjelland’s pre- and post-Babes projects, including very rare tracks from early stints with Courtney Love, The Italian Whorenuns and Crunt and a good range of tunes from Katastrophy Wife.

That would probably be enough to keep most happy but it doesn’t stop there, oh no. In addition to the CD there is a DVD packed to bursting with short films, music videos, live footage and photos.

Finish it all off with liner notes from Thurston Moore, Everett True, Lydia Lunch and Kurt-Pagan Davies and you’ve got a collection that is nothing short of perfect in it’s recollection of a twenty year career spent making noisey, punk-fuelled rock.

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Label: Southern Records
Release date: 22nd November 2004

CD Tracklist:

  1. CD Part 1 Introduction: Dr Timothy Leary
  2. Babes In Toyland – Dust Cake Boy
  3. Babes In Toyland – Vomit Heart
  4. Babes In Toyland – Spit To See The Shine
  5. Babes In Toyland – Right Now
  6. Babes In Toyland – Handsome & Gretel
  7. Babes In Toyland – Bruise Violet
  8. Babes In Toyland – He’s My Thing
  9. Babes In Toyland – Istigkeit
  10. Babes In Toyland – Sweet ‘69
  11. Babes In Toyland – Ariel
  12. Babes In Toyland – Oh Yeah!
  13. Babes In Toyland – S. F. W.
  14. Babes In Toyland – Master Dolorosa
  15. CD Part 2 Introduction: Kat & Joan Jett
  16. Kat Bjelland & Courtney Love – Quiet Room
  17. The Italian Whorenuns – Icecream & Cigarettes
  18. Crunt – Unglued
  19. Katastrophy Wife – Git Go
  20. Katastrophy Wife – Rosacea
  21. Katastrophy Wife – Gone Away
  22. Katastrophy Wife – Busiest Shopping Day Of The Year
  23. Katastrophy Wife – Money Shot
  24. Katastrophy Wife – Sweetheart
  25. Katastrophy Wife – Liberty Belle
  26. Katastrophy Wife – Blue Valient (with Carina Round)

DVD Tracklist:

  1. Spanking Machine (short film)
  2. Painkillers (short film)
  3. Nemesisters (short film)
  4. He’s My Thing (video)
  5. Ripe (video)
  6. Bruise Violet (video)
  7. Won’t Tell (video)
  8. Sweet ‘69 (video)
  9. Liberty Belle (video)
  10. The Venerays (footage)
  11. Live in Utrecht
  12. Live in Hamburg
  13. Handsome & Gretel (live)
  14. Roskilde Festival (live)
  15. He’s My Thing (Version 2)
  16. Swine (video)
  17. Photo Gallery
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