The Answer – Into The Gutter (CD Review)

Sounding like they are from both America and the 1970s, despite being very now and from Northern Ireland, The Answer play blistering rock. In ‘Into The Gutter’ they have the strong blues roots of rock like AC/DC and the drama and scale of great heavy guitar bands all over. The b-side ‘Take It Easy’ has an equally blues based sound but has the spirit of a demo without the normal lo-fi production. ‘Only The Strong Survive’ returns to a more classic metal sound accomplished with aplomb. All together a brilliant collection hopefully leading a revival in strong and gutsy blues rock.

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The Answer’s debut album ‘Rise’ is released on June 26th.

Label : Alberts Productions

Release Date : 29 May 2006

Website :


  • Into The Gutter [4:05]
  • Take It Easy [4:44]
  • Only The Strong Survive [3:26]
  • Into The Gutter (Instrumental) [4:00]
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