The Album Leaf – In A Safe Place

Jimmy LaValle, previously known for his work with a ‘Dream-rock’ band Tristeza, ‘noise-punks’ The Locust and The Black Heart Procession, has been releasing instrumentals since 1999 as The Album Leaf. ‘In A Safe Place’ is a departure from both instrumentals and the USA. The Dreamy qualities of ‘In A Safe Place’ are enhanced by the recording of this album in Iceland; a country becoming synonymous with delicately beautiful chilled out sounds. Jimmy LaValle enlisted members of both Sigur Ros and Mum (Gyda Valtysdottir) to perform on the album which can only result in a higher level of otherworldliness. He also took The Black Heart Procession over with him to add to the mix.

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For fans of the dramatic, the intense and the intricate this album will be a must have addition to their collection. ‘In A Safe Place’ is a wonderful and gentle blend of the electronic and the organic.

Label : City Slang

Release Date : 26 July 2004

Website :
(Including an MP3 of ‘On Your Way’ to download)


  • Window
  • Thule
  • On Your Way
  • Twentytwofourteen
  • The Outer Banks
  • Over The Pond
  • Another Day
  • Streamside
  • Eastern Glow
  • Moss Mountain Town

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