The Alarm MMVI – Under Attack (CD Review)

The Alarm, or “The Alarm MMVI” as they seem to call themselves now, are still going strong it would seem and they have a new collection to feed the desires of their legions of devoted fans. In ‘Under Attack’ they come out fighting with the really quite good ‘Superchannel’ launching forth with the jarring squeal of punk guitars and a frankly brutal assault on a drum kit. However, the feisty spirit seems hard for them to maintain and the album takes some turns into more sedate and dated sound that is far less satisfying.

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The folksy element of The Alarm always sounds weak by comparison to their more spirited moments like ‘Superchannel’ or ‘Cease and Desist’. In short, if you still regard the Levellers fondly, then this album may be for you.

Label : Liberty

Release Date : 20 February 2006

Website :


  • Superchannel
  • Without A Fight
  • My Town
  • Raindown
  • It’s Alright/It’s OK
  • Be Still
  • This Is Life (Get Used To It)
  • Cease And Desist
  • Zero
  • Something’s Got To Give
  • I Never Left I Only Went Away
  • Few And Far Between
  • This Is The Way We Are

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