The Alarm – In The Poppy Fields

The Alarm – dropping a temporary moniker of The Poppyfields that they adopted for the release of the first single from this album, ’45 RPM’ – have returned on good form. The album begins, in a style reminiscent of The Cult, on true rocking form with ‘Coming Home’. The grand, anthemic sound continues with ‘Close’, before adopting a more punk rock stance for ’45 RPM’.

There is a change that surfaces originally from within ‘The Drunk And The Disorderly’, a more acoustic-troubadour affair to begin with, with a rock finish but really kicks off with ‘New Home New Life’. The change is a slowing of pace and a veer towards a sound sitting somewhere between folk rock and prog rock. While this trend is bucked by the tracks ‘Federal Motor Voter’ and the heavy blues rocking ‘Trafficking’ it doesn’t sit well with the other songs and somehow diminishes the initial highs.

Label : Snapper Music

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website :


  • Coming Home
  • Close
  • 45 R.P.M.
  • The Drunk And The Disorderly
  • Federal Motor Voter
  • Trafficking
  • New Home New Life
  • The Rock And Roll
  • The Unexplained
  • Right Back Where I Started From
  • True Life
  • In The Poppy Fields

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