Tears In X-Ray Eyes – The Way We Live Now (CD Review)

With a sound that looks back on pop music as far as its horizon, Tears In X-Ray Eyes are very hard to define and impossible to pigeon-hole. A great deal of work has gone into this mix of electronica, huitars, strings and orchestral percussion.

Created by Tim Closs in his south London bedroom, with help from Anthony Christmas (drums), Cameron Miller (bass), Alexa Beattie (viola) and Tom Arthurs (trumpet), The Way We Live Now twists and turns through a range of moods, tones and emotions, peaking at the amazing indie-rock eruption of Electricy.

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Bedroom producers are split into two types: those who can tell when their music is bad and those who can’t. Tim Closs is either the former or he never writes bad music.

Label: Test Tube
Website: www.tearsinxrayeyes.com
Release date: 18th October 2004


  1. Don’t Be So Beautiful
  2. Love Is Suicide
  3. Promised Land
  4. Nothing On Earth
  5. They’ll Never Take Us Alive
  6. Heavenly Host
  7. Electricity
  8. 100 Years
  9. Synchronise
  10. The Way We Live Now

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