Sway – This Is My Demo (CD Review)

London based British-Ghanaian rapper and producer Sway da Safo been working away on various scenes in the UK for some time now. Despite wanting to be a producer his raps drew such attention that the inevitable switch to becoming an artist in his own right appeared inevitable. So, following on from ‘This is my Promo’ we have a collection of songs under the banner ‘This is my Demo’.

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The album blends aspects from many music scenes from pop through grime and r&b to hip hop and drum & bass with ease. The message driven rapping ranges from the unmoderated viciousness of ‘Pretty Ugly Husband’ to more pop driven upbeat and inconsistent plea against downloading (‘Download’) and stops at a legion of subtly different points in between. The album masterfully gels the elements together and is propelled by the lyrics and all important delivery from Sway himself.

Label : All City

Release Date : 06 February 2006

Website : www.swaydasafo.com


  • This Is My Demo
  • Products
  • Hype Boys
  • Little Derek
  • Pretty Ugly Husband
  • Flo Fashion
  • Up Your Speed
  • Download
  • Loose Woose
  • Sick World
  • On My Own
  • Back For You
  • Slow Down
  • Month In The Summer

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