Super Furry Animals – Phantom Phorce

The Super Furries have enlisted a curious and diverse collection of alternate takes on tracks from last years ‘Phantom Power’ album. There are no ‘faithful’ reworking here; each has the remixer’s handprint all over it. Weevil, for instance, has given ‘Hello Sunshine’ a stretched and phased reworking that emphasises the more ethereal elements of the original. If a broken down hip-hop rendition is what you’re after then Killa Kella have reconstructed ‘Golden Retriever’ just for you. The vibe takes a sharp turn left field for Wauvenfold’s complete dismemberment of ‘Sex, War & Robots’. You get the picture; it’s a true remix album.

The best of the bunch would have to be Four Tet’s version of ‘The Piccolo Snare’, along with Mario C’s ‘Liberty Belle’ and Brave Captain’s take on ‘Bleed Forever’.

There is a ‘Slow Life’ EP available for download at the Placid Casual website. It features a new version of ‘Slow Life’ as well as two new songs in the shape of ‘Lost Control’ and ‘Motherfokker’; the latter featuring Newport’s finest, Goldie Lookin’ Chain.

Label : Placid Casual

Release Date : 12 Apr 2004

Website :

Tracklisting (remixer in brackets)

  • Hello Sunshine (Weevil)
  • Liberty Belle (Mario Caldato Jr)
  • Golden Retriever (Killa Kella)
  • Sex, War & Robots (Wauvenfold)
  • Piccolo Snare (Four Tet)
  • Venus & Serena (Massimo)
  • Father, Father (Boom Bip)
  • Bleed Forever (Brave Captain)
  • Out Of Control (Zan Lyons)
  • City Scape Sky Baby (Minotaur Shock)
  • Valet Parking (High Llamas)
  • The Undefeated (Llwybr Llaethog)
  • Slow Life (Sir Doufous Styles)
  • Valet Parking (Force Unknown)
  • Hello Sunshine (Frieband)

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