Sum 41 – We’re All To Blame (CD Review)

With established bands come preconceptions, especially with those you don’t like. Some of them you’re so sure you’ve got pegged that you have the review written before you’ve even listened to the CD. So, with this I was ready to write a quick piece about Sum 41 still being a comedy pop-punk band churning out the same old thing. Then I clocked the title and quickly amended it to a comedy pop-punk band becoming politicised and churning out the same old thing. Then I actually listened to We’re All To Blame.

The first thing you’ll notice about this song (because it hits you in the face like a brick) is how heavy it is. It’s not pop-punk. Actually, it’s not really even punk. It’s closer to, dare I say it, metal and, far from being comedy, it’s really good.


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There’s still the little matter of the politicised bit. Well, that a little more complicated too. Sum 41 have become heavily involved with War Child Canada and recently travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to make a documentary for the charity. While there they became caught up in the fighting and the title of the band’s new album, Chuck, comes from the UN worker who saved their lives.

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Sum 41 have moved on and grown up, in the process probably extending their potential career by several more years.

Label: Mercury
Release date: 4th October 2004

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